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About Our Menu

Seasonal & Quality Ingredients – The Savory Way

Our menu is focused on seasonal, unprocessed, quality ingredients. Our menu items fit perfectly in a well-balanced healthy living program. Our chefs have worked to develop menu items that will excite the senses. Chef Jenna creates all menu items in house, ensuring quality and taste. Our pastas, dressings, and sauces are all original creations. The dishes are an eclectic collection of different cuisines and flavors.

Our Bistro menu is designed for you to come in and savor a meal in a relaxed community atmosphere. We often forget “how” we eat, is as important as “what” we eat. We encourage a relaxed dining experience.

Our “Gourmet To Go” Menu recognizes that some days are hectic; it is designed for the busy days that are inevitable. There are great options for individuals and wonderful one-dish meals for families. This menu ensures eating well is also convenient. Our menu features weekly specials and seasonal change!

Savor life, savor your food!

Choose from our delectable offerings that are not only made with the freshest seasonal products, but also health inspired dishes that you’ll be happy that you ate.

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