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About Us

The Savory Way

“Let Food be they medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Our mission is to provide whole, unprocessed, seasonal, and quality food.

Savory will offer healthy gourmet, meals that are delicious!

Everyone desires to be healthy and happy. We believe your food decisions should reflect that. We provide a relaxed comfortable “eat in” Bistro experience, as well as a convenient “to go” and delivery option to make healthy and delicious, also convenient.

Savor life, Savor Your food!

Meet the Team!

The Savory Story

Savory is born out of a desire to provide our community with food that excites the senses and nourishes the body.

We all want optimal health for our loved ones and ourselves. We are learning more everyday how vital our food choices are in achieving that goal. Our lifestyles can make it difficult to choose healthy options. Often we think we need to go to extremes to achieve this. At Savory we believe in the 90-10 rule. Do the right things 90% of the time and leave 10% for the odd treat! We believe in balance.

Our goal is to create culinary delights that make you feel good. Living well should be easy and convenient. We want to help you to do that in three ways:

1.  Dine in for a relaxed slow food, bistro experience.

2.  Our catering service is a perfect solution for special occasions, entertaining friends, or office meetings.

3.  During the really busy times “Gourmet to-Go” is an easy solution to drop in to pick up a dinner and go.

Savory is a place to enjoy wholesome, seasonal, quality food.

We believe in savoring life, the moment, and our food!