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May 2016 nutrition news

nutritionAt Savory we also renew our commitment to keep well informed on the latest wellness, nutrition, and health science to pass it on to our customers through our food, newsletters, and events.

I had the pleasure last month to Travel to Kripalu wellness institute to attend a seminar with Dr. Mark Hyman. I was delighted that some of our customers from our detox program came with me which made it very special. Dr. Hyman has written several books on the science of nutrition, he works at Cleveland Clinic and runs the ultra-wellness center. He has made it his life’s mission to use food as medicine and to understand the science of real food nutrition through Functional medicine. It was an amazing seminar filled with the latest research science on food as medicine. The bottom line is always very simple “EAT REAL FOOD”. Dr. Hyman often refers to some of Michael Pollen’s food rules to simplify things.

  • If it comes from a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant do not
  • If it has more than five ingredients, leave it
  • If your grandmother would not recognize it might not be good.
  • If sugar is the first or second ingredient leave it
  • Real food do not have barcodes
  • If it comes through a drive thru window leave it

You get the picture, just eat real food. However, in the craziness of the diet world and shows like “the biggest loser “even real food can get a bad name. A study done by John Hopkins followed these biggest losers only to find without fail they put the weight back on and do damage to their metabolism. What they do and what every fad diet or extreme workout routine does is set you up for failure because it cannot be maintained.

So the latest research shows we need to increase good fats and vegetables, reduce carbohydrates and eliminate as much processed sugar as possible. That does not mean we can never have a proper serving of potato or pasta. We can if it is in a diet with lots of plant fiber and we keep it to a serving or so a day. In fact we need nutrients like the potassium in a potato. Potatoes are not public enemy number one!   In a well-balanced diet they have great benefit. Potatoes have lots of great nutrients and fiber especially if you eat the skin. If you eat a lot of processed foods and sugar, potato can be a problem. In a diet high in vegetable fiber, healthy fat, and protein, potatoes are great. Potatoes can be very diverse and satisfying. So here is the deal. If you eat a plain baked potato it has a glycemic index of 85. Which means it turns to sugar pretty fast. But who eats a plain baked potato? If you add some fat like butter, sour cream, green onions or salad it drops to a glycemic index of approx. 28 according to Dr. Walter Willet at Harvard Dept. Of Nutritional Health. You have to look at the whole picture when it comes to diet. Also look at the entire day. If the rest of your day has a lot of non-starchy vegetables, proteins, and healthy fat you can eat and enjoy! Do not overcook your potato as it activates the starch in the potato. This is also true of pasta. Try different potatoes, the deeper the color the higher the nutrients. Add fat like olive oil, little grass fed butter and herbs for a wonderful mash. Buy organic as potatoes are porous and absorb chemicals. Here is the best news, when you cook a potato and then cool it in the fridge you neutralize the starch and lower the glycemic index. Go ahead and eat a little of that potato salad and enjoy especially If it has a little good fat and added vegetables like onion and celery!