*Cozy neighborhood Dine In restaurant with Real Food made from Scratch - local family owned business
*Gourmet Lifestyle Meals for in home eating
*Fun packaged Events - Built for adult parties
*Corporate team building and meeting events
*Open Easter Sunday for Brunch


Customized catering for your home or office

roast chicken

Our catering customer is looking for more than food!

They want an event for guests at their home or office where:

  • Quality of food matters, Savory’s careful sourcing of products matter
  • Special attention to detail and presentation to make your guest know they matter
  • From scratch recipes, where you get to influence the food choices and ingredients

On site catering:

Some of our customers have inquired about hosting their event at the Bistro. We have a large Patio, Bistro Room, and Concoction Room which may just be the right place for you if you prefer to do your event outside your home or office.

We have hosted many events on site including: Birthdays, anniversaries, Wedding receptions, baby showers, and class reunions.

If you are planning an event, and want to discuss how Savory can make the event special for you and your guests, contact Annette for more information:



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