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About Events

Savory looks to provide educational and entertaining events during the year to offer more information about healthy and balanced eating and diet. As Annette discusses in her blog posts, we do not endorse extreme diets of any kind. They seldom work, we push healthy balanced eating, knowledge about the foods you do eat, and their impact on your body, and finally surrounding your eating with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our events will include:

Special Health Programs that run at selected times of the year. A great example is Savory’s Detox week. To learn more about or Detox week, please click here

Events where we give back to the community and those who are trying to make our community a better place to live for all. A great example of this is our annual Ranch Hand Rescue Summer BBQ.

Special Events to remember all year long, These include:
Special Chefs tasting menus including Valentines, New Years Eve, among other selected nights
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners for your home
A night with the wine maker

Watch our site as new Events are published regularly

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