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About Home Meal Plan

Savory’s Gourmet To-go Lifestyle Meals replaces Savory Home Meal Plan in 2018!

Savory’s Gourmet To-go Lifestyle Meals extends Savory’s commitment to providing unprocessed healthy meals for in home dining. In 2018 we launched a new program that allows more variety to meet the various lifestyles and menu choices. We also introduced a new pantry section for those who still want to do a little cooking at home, but want to leverage homemade sauces, dressings, side for your Grilled Proteins and much more. We truly have something for everyone.

  1. You may order any day of the week and pick up any day other than Sunday or Monday when the Bistro is closed. Your order will be available for pick up after 4PM following the day you placed your order as long as your order in in by 4PM. (you may order as many days in advance as you want, we will make it fresh based on your delivery request). Just put in the comments section what day you want to pick up.
  2. Delivery option offered Tuesday and Friday, but if you request an alternate day, we will contact you and arrange a time on the day you requested.
  3. With no commitment, no monthly fees, you have absolutely nothing to lose other than an opportunity to eat “take in” food that is healthier and affordable.

Annette Doody describes Savory’s Home meal plan in a nutshell, watch for her new video on Jan 22nd describing our new Lifestyle Meals


We are simply ahead of our time for “in home” dining.

Research is telling us the food and grocery business is quickly trying to adapt to the huge demand for unprocessed, healthier prepared meals that are easy and economical.

“Helping Families eat fresh, unprocessed, from scratch home cooking in their own homes” is what we do

FullSizeRender (2)Food is medicine for your body – Eat healthier when enjoying To Go food – your body will thank you

Processed foods are hard on your body and can lead to many health issues; Savory only uses unprocessed ingredients

Most To Go Food is packed with Preservatives and processed sugar, Savory does not use processed Sugar, only natural sugars and we work FullSizeRenderhard to keep the meals delicious while limiting sugars of any kind

Economical – Savory allows you to eat good food in the same price range as junk food

Preplan your week, by preordering, but have the flexibility to leverage on any evening when you don’t want to cook

IMG_20150929_143043_01-01Order this week for next week to ensure you have the choices that are best for your family.

Pick up extra any day we are open from our To Go cooler located in the front of our Bistro (availability will be limited in the Bistro cooler to ensure we keep everything fresh for you)

Weekly specials, 52 weeks of the year, never get tired of the same food, we continue to offer weekly specials, but based on popular demand, we will also keep many of your favorites available to you for online ordering all of the time.

IMG_20150920_191038_01-01Vegetarian, Gluten free, vegan options available

Quick and easy, Less than 10 minutes from the time you want to eat, till you are enjoying a gourmet meal at home

On line ordering, Easy pick up or delivery on a weekly basis with absolutely no commitments for minimums or maximums, and no hidden fees for weeks you don’t order!!  Based on Customer feedback we are also developing a monthly Loyalty club program. This program will not be mandatory. Watch for more information soon.

Convenient to help families eat the way they want to eat, vs allowing their lifestyle or busy schedules dictate how they eat


Frequently asked Questions:

Q) How do I sign up for Savory Gourmet To-Go Lifestyle Meals?
A) You simply go to our home meal plan page and order your first meal. Once you have chosen your meal(s) you will be able to proceed to check out and create your account on line. Once yo place your first order, you will be automatically added to the Gourmet To-go Lifestyle meals customer list.

Q) Do I have to order each week?
A) NO, as noted above, you only order when you want, and there are no hidden fees when you choose not to order on any given week.

Q) How many meals do I get each week?
A) Each entrée meal is designed for 2 adults. You may order as many or as few as you like. We are flexible. Each week, you may also add additional sides, kid’s meals, pantry items, or desserts to accompany your meals.

Q) Can I skip any week that I choose?
A) Absolutely. The plan is built for simplicity and flexibility so you may skip any week.

Q) How do I order each week?
A) You simply go to the web site each week and place your order. Savory will send an e-mail out once a week to give you a reminder and pass along any special notes for the week.

Q) How much do you charge for Delivery, is there any charge if I pick up at the Bistro?
A) There is a $10 delivery charge. There is no charge if you pick up at the Bistro. Pick up is any day at the bistro after 4PM, except Sundays & Mondays. If you need earlier than 4PM, just contact us and we will make arrangements for your meals. Delivery time is Friday or Tuesday from 4PM to 8PM. If you have a special request for times, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss. Also if your home is not in a delivery ZIP CODE currently being serviced, call us to discuss delivery options. The chefs will also send a text when meals are ready for pick up, or the driver is leaving with deliveries as a convenience to our customers.

Q) What happens if I forget and I am not home when you deliver?
A) Savory will charge for a re-delivery, however if those rare occasions happen, you may also Pick up your meals at the Bistro. We have customers who know they will not be home at delivery time and leave a cooler with ice-pack on their door step. If you have an outdoor/garage fridge that is accessible, then that is also a good option for us to deliver your meals if you are not at home. We will leave your meals for you at your convenience, but at your risk in the event they are later removed before you return home.

Q) How long can I keep your meals before I reheat and use them?
A) Savory wishes to ensure that our customers eat fresh unprocessed food. All of our meals will remain fresh for the full week after delivery, as long as you ensure they are refrigerated. While many of these meals may have a life span beyond that time, we always recommend they be stored properly and consumed within the week. We do recommend if you order fresh Salads, they be consumed in the first 48 hours to ensure optimum freshness.

Q) Can I freeze your meals and keep them longer?
A)  While several of our customers have done just that, and provided us with great feedback on how well it worked. Savory does recommend that you refrigerate and consume them within the week after they are picked-up or delivered.

Q) How do I pay?
A)  You pay on line when you order with our secure eCommerce ordering system. If for any reason you do not pay on line for any products, you may contact us to make alternate arrangements.

Q) Is the food in your Lifestyle To-go the same as what you serve at your Bistro?
A) Our To Go Lifestyle menu is different from “Dine In” Menu’s at the Bistro. However, we use the same quality ingredients in all of our Menus. You will see a definite correlation of both Proteins and Vegetables in our seasonal menus. The Gourmet To-go Lifestyle meals will follow that same seasonal pattern, to ensure that you never get tired of eating the same meals over and over.

Q) How do I find info for reheating meals
A) There is a separate web page dedicated to reheating. Reheat Instructions
A quick summary: All of our meals are pre-cooked. You just need to re-heat and enjoy! Each meal can be reheated in a conventional oven or microwave. However not every oven or microwave is calibrated the same.
Most of our regular customers tell us they prefer to plate out one serving on a dinner plate and heat it in a microwave for approx. 75 – 180 seconds depending on the dish and microwave. Personally we use this technique at home ourselves for maximum convenience and best results. If there is a large protein in the dinner, we recommend heating the protein for about 55 seconds first, and then adding sides to the plate and finish for 65 – 120 seconds, as the larger proteins need additional time to reheat. (this does not apply to proteins which have been sliced or shredded as they will reheat in the same time as the rest of the one dish meals).  If you have any questions on reheating, please do not hesitate to contact the Bistro and speak to one of our chefs personally. You may also e-mail us at any time at

Hear what our customers say about our To Go meal programs:

My husband and I have been on the Savory Home Meal Plan since its inception and couldn’t be happier.  The food is always delicious, and many times we have plenty left over for lunch the next day.  We are delighted that it only takes a few minutes to prepare a wholesome meal, and enjoy knowing we’re eating healthy, unprocessed foods.  There are always plenty of choices, and we can supplement our dinners with soups, sides, or — our favorite — dessert.  The only downside to the Savory Home Meal Plan is that we don’t actually eat in the Bistro as often as we used to!  Thanks Savory Team for the outstanding choices, food and customer service.
Phyllis and Brent Dickens

Dear Annette,
Your home meal plan has saved my life!  As you know, I live alone and although I love to cook, I eat much too much when I cook for myself.  Since I started using your home meal plan, my food cost has actually gone down, and not only that, so has my weight!
By picking up only salad goodies and fruit at the grocery store and using your yummy and very healthy meals for my main course, I feel better, save money, and most importantly, time.
Thanks for a great program!

If you still have questions, please email us at today.

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