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Giving back to the community – Ranch Hand Rescue

For the second straight year – A huge success

We are now finalizing a date for 2018 – watch our web-site for details

Savory is proud to introduce Our Two New Scholarship Funds

Our family and the entire Savory Bistro team are proud to annually sponsor Ranch Hands Rescue through our Sunset Serenade Summer BBQ. Our first two years were a resounding success. We can’t find words to express our appreciation to the great customers of Savory, the huge band of sponsors and a dedicated group of volunteers that made it all a success. Outside the Savory event, our extended network of family and friends have also provided a significant outpouring of support. We want to thank you so much.

Ranch Hands Rescue have established two scholarship funds, one to fund counseling for young girls who have been sexually abused, especially those abused by family; and a second to fund veterans with severe PTSD.

We have decided to leave our scholarship page open all year, and Savory will also run events during the year to drive further funding to help children and veterans. Should you wish to contribute at any time to our scholarships, please provide your generous support below.
Thank you for making the world a better place for one individual at a time. We appreciate every one of you.

Glen, Annette and our entire Savory Family.

Savory Bistro Annual Ranch Hands Rescue benefit. This amazing organization does tremendous work in our community. Their mission is to provide hope, healing, and a sense of security for people, particularly children, who have suffered severe trauma, including but not limited to, child physical and sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence and witnessing murder and suicide. They accomplish this by utilizing Equine/ animal assisted Counseling which partners rescued animals with people, under the guidance of a licensed professional. If you would like to get more information now, please go to

Our contribution to this great cause never ends, if you wish to donate as a valued Savory client, please do so by clicking here: