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Reheat Instructions

How do I reheat my Gourmet To-go Lifestyle Meals?

This is a common question. Due to the amazing variety of our dishes, and the difference of calibration of microwaves and ovens in homes, there is no single answer to this question.  However, a few simple guidelines will make your reheating a perfect experience.

Microwave heating:

Place food on a microwave safe dish or plate.  Most customers prefer plating one serving and heating it for approximately 75-180 seconds depending on the density of the dish.   Full proteins like a chicken breast would be require the full 180 seconds, pasta and vegetarian dishes might only require the 75.  With protein dishes, such as a full chicken breast we recommend to heat the protein first for 40 seconds or so and add the vegetables or pasta the last half of the heating to avoid soggy vegetables, or overcooked pasta. If proteins have been sliced or shredded obviously, this would not apply.  Shrimp and seafood will not require extra time.  We suggest heating for 75 seconds and then testing to see if more time is required.

Conventional oven:

For most dishes, we recommend heating an oven to 350 F and heating for 15-20 minutes. Again, depending on the dish. Pasta and vegetarian dishes will heat faster than protein dishes.  Check your dish at the 15-minute mark to determine if it requires more.  If it is a dish with full chicken breast you may want to heat the protein first for 5 minutes and then add vegetables, or pasta after.

Most customers tell us reheating is simple especially as they get used to our dishes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the bistro to speak with one of our chefs personally. You may also email us at

Bon Appetite!