Thank You so much to all of our Loyal customers


Each year Savory provides a limited number of Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners to allow you more time with family and less time in the kitchen. This year we provide a limited number of organic, and non-organic turkeys.  We will also have a great range of sides and desserts to make it a complete holiday meal for a small family or if you want to invite an extended group of family and/or friends.

For those of you joining friends or family and are taking sides to a larger gathering, you may purchase sides and desserts separately. As a separate touch this year, should you be heading out to an event, for a small charge Chef Jenna will provide your Sides or Desserts in your favorite Dish so that you may take it along with you. Perhaps everyone will think that you prepared it yourself, We won’t tell!!

You can download and print your order form here: thanksgiving order form 2017 You may fill it out and send us a copy via email ( preferred by Savory ), or simply bring it to the Bistro.

The following FAQ will help answer some of your questions, but please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us if you have any further questions.


  1. If I order a turkey, do I have to order sides, or can I order sides only?
    Yes, you may order just a turkey or just sides.
  2. How do I get you my order?
    I) you may click on the PDF order form above and print it, fill it out and deliver to the bistro, you may also scan or  take a picture of it with your Smart Phone and e-mail it back to Savory at
  3. Are the turkeys and sides completely cooked and cooled?
    i) The turkeys will be cooked overnight, so they will be out of the oven from 3 to 4 hours depending on what time you pick up. They will have been cooked so that they reach an internal temperature of 165 F degrees, you will have the option to place them back in your oven before serving, to bring them back to a higher temperature if you wish.
    ii) The sides will be prepared similarly to our Gourmet To-Go where they will be cooled completely, so you will need to reheat them prior to serving.
  4. What comes with a turkey?
    Each turkey comes with a 32 oz Container of Savory Dressing, and a 16 oz container of Savory Gravy.
  5. I see you have two sizes of sides this year. Why, and how many people does each size serve?
    For the past two years, we have had a lot of folks who were hosting large groups for their meals. We have added a 152 oz side container to help with the convenience of preparation of meals for larger groups. Individuals have different eating habits when it comes to portions. The 38 oz containers are the same ones we use for our sharing home meal plan, and they represent two adult meals on average. Given they are used for sides only, in this case, they will serve from 4 to 6 side servings. We advertise 3-4 to ensure we satisfy the larger appetites. The larger side containers have four times the amount, so this will guide you based on your families portion needs.
  6. The turkeys are different sizes, why?
    Our options to get organic turkeys smaller than 14-16 pounds were very limited. Therefore the organic turkeys are slightly larger ( 14-16 LB.)  than the non organic which range from 10-12 lb.
  7. Do you have any recommendations based on past years experiences?
    I) Many people like to have additional gravy and others additional Stuffing, especially for that leftover meal.
    ii) We also encourage you to cut into your turkey when you get it home. While we use thermostats to gauge the internal temp, we do not cut them, so please take advantage to do that when you arrive home, so you have the opportunity to place in your oven if you want to have your protein cooked to a higher temperature. We strongly recommend that you cover your turkey when reheating to limit any moisture lost.

You can download and print your order form here: Thanksgiving order form 2017