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What are Super Foods?

Super Foods are nutritional powerhouses! We know that all calories are not equal; an apple is better for you than a potato chip.  The study of nutrition has become very refined. Everyday new phytonutrients are being discovered.  Certain foods have been recognized as having an abundance of nutritional value for overall health. Knowledge of these foods can help you make better health choices in your diet plan. For example; you may know that choosing a handful of nuts is better for you than a few pretzels; but do you know why?

Do you know that studies show eating a handful of nuts a day can reduce your risk of heart attack? Pretzels are refined a processed food, that offer very little in nutrients. You may think nuts are fattening. They are indeed high in calories but just a few nuts a day can improve overall health according to very extensive studies. Nuts are high in omega 3 fats, which our bodies need for everything from heart health to brain function. They are high in fiber, protein, vitamin E , magnesium, copper, and folate.  But did you know of all nuts the walnut is the champion in terms of delivering these.

Dr. Stephen Pratt, is a world renowned authority on nutrition and prevention. He has written several books on the topic.  He is a senior staff ophthalmologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital in California. He has identifies Fourteen such Super Foods. There are as follows:

Beans                                      Soy

Blueberries                            Spinach

Broccoli                                  Tea

Oats                                         Tomatoes

Oranges                                  Turkey

Pumpkin                                 Walnuts

Salmon                                   Yogurt

Many of these foods have their close seconds. We try to incorporate them as much as possible in our menu items. We care about your health!

The next few blogs will look at each Super Food and detail why each one is such a gift from nature! Notice all super foods are whole foods!