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Why eat whole foods?

Why eat whole foods?

Whole foods refer to foods in their most natural form: as they have grown ,such as fruit, vegetables, and grains that have not been processed or modified.  Since the 1950’s our diets have changed drastically from whole foods to processed foods. The list of ways foods lose nutrients through processing is too endless to list in this blog.  As we consume more processed and fried foods we have increase incidence of chronic illnesses.

We all know whole foods are better for us. The science supports it resoundingly so. The 2005 China Study, by Dr. Colin Campbell, helped summarize much of this science.

Scientists are learning everyday of new phytonutrients and how they interact within one food such as an apple. There is still much to learn about how perfectly nature has designed each fruit, vegetable or grain. When we subtract one nutrient from a food we lose the benefit of the interaction of all the nutrients and phytonutrients.

You can subtract vitamin A for example from a tomato. We can produce vitamin A in pill form and it does the body some good. However, science is now pointing to how all the nutrients in that tomato work together to even more optimal absorption of all the nutrients and phytonutrients like lycopene in that tomato. Lycopene has been in the news so much lately for it’s protective properties from cancer, molecular degeneration, and cardiovascular disease. Science is pointing to the fact that eating the whole food is more beneficial. There are many phytonutrients we have not identified and they all work in harmony within the one whole food.

The processing of whole foods robs us of all those nutrients and medicinal values in our food. I for one want them back. I think I will go make a tomato sandwich on whole grain bread!! It is that simple.

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