*Cozy neighborhood Dine In restaurant with Real Food made from Scratch - local family owned business
*Gourmet Lifestyle Meals for in home eating
*Fun packaged Events - Built for adult parties
*Corporate team building and meeting events
*Open Easter Sunday for Brunch


Welcome to Savory Bistro & Savory Lifestyle Meals

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We cook the way cooking was meant to be. We do it from scratch, we start with real bones when we make our broth, and actually use real chicken to make our home made chicken stock. Our goal at Savory is to create culinary delights that make you feel good. Eating well & Living well should be easy and convenient.

We want to help you to do that by:

  • Providing a relaxing neighborhood Bistro for local residents with an up-scale scratch kitchen with a downtown menu experience without the drive. Our lifestyles today inevitably involve dining out. Our passion is to create an experience with a “from scratch”, unprocessed, and seasonal menu that can fit into a healthy balanced lifestyle. Eating out should not be detrimental to our health! Our menu is delicious, and our ingredients are well sourced. Our cooking style is old school the way food use to be prepared with whole fresh unprocessed ingredients and classic cooking styles.
  • Supplying a full range of affordable, quality, and well balanced ready to go meals for families with varying lifestyles who want a healthy lifestyle  for their families but are often overwhelmed by schedules to do so.
  • We offer have a wide range of party or corporate team-building packages all built for you to ensure the perfect event no matter what you are celebrating
  • Provides wellness programs to educate and promote health and wellness while helping people understand they can eat well, and still have the balance they want to enjoy life and friends. Popular programs, such as the week-long Detox, teach the latest nutritional research to cut through the myths and bombardment of information on nutrition and diet . Clients get a all meals provided during the week as well as a detailed food plan for future use, so they can clearly understand what a healthy balanced diet can look like.
  • Provides a consulting service for people who have recently developed health issues, or are reassessing their current lifestyle and are eager to see how they can manage their lives going forward with clear consultation on nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene ,and stress management.Share your favorite #SavoryBistro meals on Instagram @SavoryBistro
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    Savory Bistro - Gourmet to-Go
    2650 FM 407, Suite 165
    Bartonville, Texas
    p: 940-584-0255
    Hrs: Tues-Wed 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
    Thus-Sat 11:00am to 10:00 pm
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